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Leachate Recirculation Using Tire Scraps – An Economical Solution for Solid Waste Management
Technical Note

Gagan Deep

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, LKCE, Jalandhar, India


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Landfilling is the most common technique used in municipal solid waste (MSW) management, In India, low laying areas in the vicinity of urban expanses are preferred for landfills. A site in Warriana area of Jalandhar district of Punjab (India) has been selected for the present study. Jalandhar is facing a big problem with solid waste management and its disposal. A total of 490-550 TPD of MSW is being generated in Jalandhar and dumped at Warriana Site. The waste when comes in contact with water produces a hazardous substance called “Leachate”. This leachate, if not isolated properly, penetrates into the ground and pollutes the groundwater. In this study, the pollution potential of the leachate present at the Warriana site has been assessed. The possible utilization of waste tire scraps and aggregates mixed in a 1:1 ratio for leachate recirculation has been explored. A reduced pollution potential of the leachate has been observed.

Keywords: Leachate, solid waste, tire scraps, leachate recirculation, landfill

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