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Aims and Scope

Annals of Earth, Environment, and Infrastructure Engineering is an open-access electronic journal. Original peer-reviewed articles are published in the journal in different categories like research papers, review papers, technical notes, case studies, and conference proceedings. The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics in Civil Engineering such as Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Engineering Geology, Geophysics, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Water Resource Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, and other related inter-disciplinary fields.


Publishing schedule: This journal publishes bi-monthly (one volume with six issues).


Peer Review Information: This journal follows a single-blind peer-review process.


Publication Process: The publication process followed by the journal is described below:

Step1: Initial screening of manuscript and acknowledgment of submission by the Editor in 1 to 2 days

Step 2: Manuscript will be sent to relevant experts for review within a week

Step 3: Review would take 3 to 4 weeks or more

Step 4: Intimation of the first decision within 2-3 days of completion of required reviews

Speed: Submission to first decision in 30 to 45 days




Dr. Nitish Puri

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